Serbia/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

Over the past two years, the strategy of cultural policy-makers has been to deal with more general issues, to fight to establish a new legal framework, to reform cultural institutions and whole sectors – mostly focusing on the conventional area of cultural policy, such as production of arts events or heritage restoration and protection. This means that policy debates about civic participation and citizenship, as well as instruments and forms of policy measures to promote participation in cultural life have not yet been developed.

Even so, attendance at many events and programmes organised by public institutions or with public money are free, e.g. the Belgrade Summer Festival, all events in libraries, galleries and similar programmes in cultural centres. However, more and more cultural institutions are forced to raise the price of their entrance tickets or, as in the case of the Studentski grad - the cultural centre on the student campus, are starting to charge an entry fee for the first time. It seems that price is not a decisive factor of participation. The price of tickets for museums is extremely low, 30 cents. Concert prices range from 5-40 EUR.

Chapter published: 24-01-2013