Community of Experts

The author is an independent expert with cultural policy expertise commissioned by the project partners to prepare and annually update their respective WorldCP country profiles. In some countries it may be necessary to have a group of authors to prepare the profiles, but there should always be one responsible author who co-ordinates the profile and communicates with IFACCA and/or the regional editor on a regular basis. There is generally an agreement between the national government agency, IFACCA and the regional secretariat, on the selection of the author. The selection criteria to be considered in commissioning authors include: 

  • Demonstrated experience in policy analysis
  • Reputation as an independent and skilled researcher with experience in the field of culture
  • Excellent research and writing skills
  • Excellent knowledge of English and of the official language of the country (if applicable)
  • Profile authors are supported as an active community to encourage mutual professionalisation. There are opportunities for training, with regional and international experts in the field.