The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe includes a è˜Themes' section in order to better highlight and integrate information on cross-cutting issues addressed in the Compendium profiles:  

  • cultural diversity;
  • intercultural dialogue ;
  • the status of artists ;
  • international cultural co-operation and mobility issues ; and
  • cultural rights and ethics (in cultural policy contexts).  

As WorldCP develops, similar research will be undertaken at an international level. To access the European information, please click here:

IFACCA's research topics are grouped into four themes: Artists, Arts Policies, Operational Policies and Statistics. Each topic has its own page where you can find the D'Art report (or the topic description) and resources è˜tagged' by the IFACCA team. These are available from IFACCA's 'Topics and Themes' page.